Pika CMS

Vendor Description:

Pika is a web-based CMS (Case Management System) developed specifically for use by legal aid organizations. The integration of case management into a website provides an easy, flexible and inexpensive way of connecting multiple offices and telecommuters to a single, centralized CMS.

Simple User Interface You'll be hardpressed to find a CMS that's as easy to learn as Pika CMS. User-friendliness is not just a convenience; it saves time and money in training and support costs. Pika’s ease of use is result of years of workflow testing with actual legal services staff.

Reporting Pika has a set of built-in reports, including LSC, time keeping and case tracking reports. It also features advanced custom report builders, which allow you to create your own reports, showing only the data and fields you want displayed.

Document Generation Your existing WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and PDF form letters and forms can easily be adapted for use in Pika. Plus, the generated form letters can be edited in your word processor, giving you complete control over the final appearance of the document.

Document Storage Save and manage case related computer files in Pika with it’s document storage feature. Share and access files from anywhere.

Automatic Conflict of Interest Checks A conflict of interest check is performed by Pika CMS, automatically, whenever a client or opposing party is added to a case. Whenever a potential conflict is found, the user is immediately notified.

SQL database Pika uses a SQL database (MySQL) for the highest level of data security and stability. This also allows you to run custom reports directly off the database, using whatever software you prefer (Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, etc.)

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